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    AYBA is a non profit 17-19-13093 corporation registered with the office of the Secretary of State of Georgia. The Association is operated by volunteer members serving as an elected Board of Directors, chaired by a Commissioner, assisted by a Deputy Commissioner, Vice Commissioners and Departmental Representatives. AYBA Recreation Leagues are sanctioned by Dizzy Dean Baseball. Travel Teams are affiliated with 17-19-13093 various baseball organizations (NWBA, USSSA, CABA, AAU, AABC, etc.) at the discretion of the travel team's manager.

    The annual Border Bowl game features the CSRA best high school football players from Georgia and South Carolina in a battle of the border states. However, Border Bowl cheap real jordans III will has a new twist: players can make the roster through tryouts in the new Border Bowl Combine. The event is an open tryout to all high school football seniors in the CSRA. at no cost.
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